Legacy and Memorial Giving Program

Honor a loved one by donating to the Legacy and Memorial Giving program

  • Any group or individual can make a donation to the Prairie Spirit Schools Foundation on behalf of a Prairie Spirit School Division staff or Board member posthumously.
  • A minimum $500.00 donation would be required in order for an honouree’s name to be added to the plaque.
  • Donations can be gathered from a group or individual and can be done as a cumulative total to achieve the minimum donation of $500.00.
  • Funds collected for the Prairie Spirit Schools Foundation Legacy & Memorial Giving Program will be designated for professional development within the Prairie Spirit School Division.
  • Specific criteria for distribution will be determined and announced in the future.
  • Families of the honourees will receive a notification from the Foundation that a donation has been made in honour of their family member.
  • Charitable tax receipts will be issued to the donors.
  • Donors will be acknowledged in the Foundation’s annual report.
  • The engraved plaques will include the honouree’s name and years served.

**NEW** Your donation to SARCAN using the word “LEGACY” and the value of your return will be placed in the LEGACY Fund on your behalf!

When a donation to any SARCAN in Saskatchewan is made anyone can designate the value of their bottle return ‘funds’ using the word “LEGACY” and it will go towards the Foundation’s Legacy & Memorial Fund for use in professional development opportunities for educators in our Division. It’s easy – here’s how:

Make your trip to SARCAN really count! DONATE the value of your order to the Foundation’s LEGACY Fund – all year long!

1) At home, separate your recycling – put plastics, cartons and aluminum cans into bags, put glass beverage containers into boxes. Don’t forget to include milk containers!

2) Visit a SARCAN Depot and look for “Drop & Go”.

3) Follow instructions on the screen. Type LEGACY when prompted to enter the group phrase.

4) The amount of your order will be processed and paid directly to PRAIRIE SPIRIT SCHOOLS FOUNDATION.

The group phrase LEGACY works at ALL 72 depots across the province, so your friends & family all over Saskatchewan can donate too!

Visit https://www.sarcan.ca/hours_and_locations.html to find all of the SARCAN Drop & Go hours & locations.

Donation Form:

Donor information

First Name:

Last Name:




Postal Code:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Amount you’d like to Donate:

Additional Notes(Please include information on who this will be in memory of, relationship to kin, message and signed from):

Legacy and Memorial Giving Form

Any questions regarding the Prairie Spirit Schools Foundation Legacy & Memorial Giving Program can be direct to the Foundation at 306-683-2881 or psfoundation@spiritsd.ca

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